Energy Assistance

The Eblen Energy Project: has delivered hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil, natural gas, and assisted with electric bills to families in our community living with illnesses and disabilities.  In partnership with Buncombe County Department of Social Services, Haywood Electric Membership Corporation, Biltmore Oil Company, and in cooperation with other oil distributors, Progress Energy and Public Service Gas Company, the Eblen Energy Project provides much needed assistance to families in need throughout the year.  By providing heating oil and assistance with funding for gas and electric bills, purchasing space heaters, fans and air conditioning window units we can help ensure that our neighbors are not left out in the cold during the winter or suffer through the summer heat.

Heating/Cooling - fans for summer


CIP - This income based program can be used for electricity, gas, deposits, oil, wood or propane.  CIP can also be used for an old light or gas bill if it is less that one year old.  Electric and gas bills must be within 5 days of disconnect.  If in need of oil, the client must have less that 6 inches or 30 gallons in the tank.

Need to bring: the disconnect bill, social security cards for everyone in the household, photo identification, and proof of income

Energy Neighbor

Helping Each Member Cope – This can be used for lights or oil for Haywood Electric Membership                                                             Corporation clients.

EFS – This program can be used for rent, mortgage, lights, or gas for Buncombe County residents.