Ingles / Eblen Tools For Schools Set for Wednesday, August 9th at New Location on Brevard Road

In a little more than a month, the 2017-2018 school year will begin in western North Carolina. Tens of thousands of students will again be filing through the doors of schools across the mountains preparing for another year of the excitement of learning.

But before the first bell rings, hundreds of students and their teachers will be finding themselves again facing the same challenge they encountered last year and it may be greater than in year’s past.

Once again as students reach for the paper and pencils they need, they may find their back packs, book bags, and classroom supply closets empty.
Area schools’ budgets are again scheduled to be cut which will greatly affect the budget for school supplies which includes paper, pencils, rulers, notebooks, and other basic items that are essential to students’ education, not just as school begins but through out the year.

On Wednesday, August 9th, Eblen Charities will again be partnering with Ingles Markets, WLOS-TV, iHeart Radio, and the Asheville Citizen-Times to stand beside the students, teachers, school administration, staff, and parents in helping make sure that students who can not afford the proper school supplies will have what they need for a successful school year. Biltmore Baptist Church and Great Beginnings Dentistry will again be joining Tools for Schools along with many other businesses and organizations.

This year the Tools for Schools Drive will be collecting school supplies at a new location at the Ingles Market on Brevard Road (across from the Asheville Outlet Mall) and will be adding more sites at Ingles throughout western North Carolina to reach more schools and students than in years past. Last year the one day Tools for Schools Drive collected more than one million items that benefited thousands of students in our community.
“In these difficult times, it is easy to disregard things that many may consider less important. But where this might seem lower on the list of priorities, it is vital to every student that attends school in western North Carolina. Sadly it has become an extra burden to families struggling through the current financial situation,” states Bill Murdock, executive director of Eblen Charities. “But it is during these times we are presented with a great opportunity to join together to reach out and lend a hand to these students and their families. It is also important to remember that classroom needs continue all year long. Handing out backpacks and school supplies in August is only the beginning.”

Some of the items needed are:
Boxes of Tissues, Rulers, Safety Scissors, Glue Sticks,#2 Pencils, Colored Pencils, Two-Pocket and Three-Pocket Folders, Highlighters, Crayons, Loose-Leaf Paper, Composition / Notebooks, Book Bags, Whiteboard Dry Erase Markers (Black), Zip-Lock Freezer Bags (Gallon, Quart,Snack Size), 5×7 Note Cards, Pencil Erasers, Purell Hand-Sanitizer.

If you or your company or organization would like to join us in providing needed school supplies to the children we serve, please contact Bill Murdock at Eblen Charities at 828-242-2848 or via email at [email protected]

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