In The News: WLOS-TV- Ingles / Eblen Food for Thought Distributes Nearly 20,000 Snacks to Area Schools

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — Eblen Charities and Ingles Markets teamed up Friday to make sure every mountain student has an epic snack time.
Volunteers with the Food for Thought program delivered snacks to schools in six mountain counties. They had more than 18,000 individual snacks, so no one was left out.

The program is designed to get food in the hands of children who need it.
“Everybody gets a snack every day at school, and, if you can’t bring one, you’re sitting there at your desk without it,” Ingles’ Melissa Leavell said. “I mean, there’s a whole pride thing that goes with it, bullying involved, all sorts of things. So, you want these kids to just fit in like everybody else. So, you can just go up and grab a snack from the bowl and no one knows the difference.”
Friday was just the first batch of snacks to be delivered. The program continues to grow throughout the year.

Ingles/Eblen Food For Thought Distributes Nearly 20,000 Snacks to Area Schools

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