As United Way Readies the 2018 Campaign, Eblen Supporters Can Give Through Local Employee Giving Campaigns

Since Eblen Charities began more than two and a half decades ago with a simple idea and $400 received from a yard sale, it has grown to assist more than a hundred plus thousand children, adults, and families each year with medication, medical supplies, housing, travel to hospitals, food, heating assistance, water, utility assistance, and other emergency aid.

In these troubled times, Eblen has become not only the last resort for many of these families, many who have been turned away from other agencies due to financial or other criteria, but now in more cases than not, their only resort.  

Even with hundreds of nonprofit agencies in Buncombe County, the number of families seeking help through the services and numerous outreaches of Eblen Charities continues to grow.

This past year, Eblen Charities provided heating and utility assistance to thousands 0f families; sealed nearly 2,000 teeth of second graders; assisted more than 1,500 families remain in their homes; provided food and snacks for more than 100,000 students and families; distributed more than 5,000 coats; provided more than 1500,000 meals and provided thousands upon thousands of other instances of help to so many courageous families who many times could not find help elsewhere.

There is no doubt that the work of Eblen Charities cannot exist without the great kindness and generosity of all those who support the numerous outreaches and programs that touch the lives of the tens of thousands of children, adults, and families we serve each year. It is through the selflessness of so many in our community, that those in times of need can breathe a bit easier and find some peace of mind.

This year, as in the past, you can join in standing beside these courageous families in these most difficult times by making your donation to the work of Eblen Charities through your employee giving campaign where you work through the 2016 Asheville-Buncombe County United Way Work Place Giving Campaign.

Even though Eblen Charities is not a United Way agency, Eblen continues to remain one of their top referral agencies since we began our service to the community more than twenty years ago. Through the United Way’s 211 referral agency and the dozens of agencies and organizations that the United Way funds, we receive thousands of calls every month in search of help for those who call upon them for assistance.

We continue to stand ready to answer and respond to the volumes of calls we receive from the United Way, their agencies, and other agencies and organizations throughout our community. As the United Way begins its campaign, you can join Eblen Charities in making sure that our neighbors, friends, and families will not have to face these challenges alone.

If you would like to designate Eblen Charities through your company’s United Way giving campaign, it is easy to do. All you have to do is write in Eblen Charities on the card where it asks if you would like to give to a non-United Way Agency.

The proceeds we receive from your United Way pledge will go to the families we serve. For more information on giving through his method, please call Eblen Charities at 828-255-3066 or via email at [email protected]

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