It is a wonderful story that has been told now for thirty years. And that is that is our community’s Eblen Charities started with a simple idea for a small golf tournament and turned into an organization that has touched more than a million lives of  children, adults, and families in need in western North Carolina.  

And since that first ball was placed on a tee at Reems Creek Golf Club in the Spring of 1990, Eblen Charities has grown beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. 

On Tuesday, May 21st the quarterback of the Super Bowl XXXVII Champion  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  will again return home to  host the 30th  Annual Wicked Weed Brewing  / Brad Johnson Celebrity Golf Classic to benefit the work of  Eblen Charities. This year we are honored once again to           have our long-time friends and partners Wicked Weed Brewing as our title sponsor this year. 

“We are excited to have Rick and Ryan Guthy and all the wonderful folks at Wicked Weed Brewing who have been such an integral part of the work of Eblen Charities since we began our work, “ states Bill Murdock, executive director of Eblen Charities. “Their outreach in our community has touched countless lives through the Wicked Weed Help at Home Emergency Assistance Program and to have their signature tournament with Brad’s       we will be able to continue to reach out all the more to those in times of                   need our community.”

“This event is more than Wicked Weed’ Brewing, Eblen’s, and Brad’s signature event. It is where Eblen Charities began and everything we have done since that time.  The countless lives that have been touched never would have happened if it hadn’t been for the first tournament in 1990. Without the courage and vision of Milo Garren,  Joe Ward,  Harry Giezentanner, Jamie Blue, Guy Roberts, Steve Whittington, and the others in the early years, the work of the Eblen Charities may have never happened,”

Thanks to Brad the tournament has grown since its inception from a 20 team afternoon event to a two day event, fielding more than 60 teams in morning and afternoon rounds. This event brings the community together to reach out to those less fortunate by providing hope and direct assistance to those in times of need. This will the 13th year the Jack Nicholas  Signature Golf  Course will host the event, and bring Brad and a host of other celebrities to their championship course along with local teams.            

“I always look forward to this time of year, coming back to Asheville, and being able to be part of this wonderful event,” says Brad. “I get a chance to see my old friends, family, coaches and teammates from Owen. But most of all, it’s coming back home and joining Eblen Charities, Verizon Wireless and all the sponsors, teams, and their  outreach that touches so many children, adults, and families in their times of need here at home. I have yet to see a more effective  organization anywhere than Eblen. It is great honor for me be be part of their outreach and serve as honorary chairman.”

Through the combined efforts of more than 60 teams, dozens of sponsors, and more than 70 volunteers, the Verizon Wireless / Brad Johnson Celebrity Golf Classic not only has grown to be one of the premier tournaments in western North Carolina but has touched hundreds of thousands of lives during the past 25 years. We are grateful to all  our sponsors and teams who are joining us again this year and who had so much to do with the tournament’s success and growth through out the years. Thanks  also to Walnut Cove for hosting us again this year. Paul Henriksen and his staff at the Cliffs put on a tournament like no other course we have ever played. Their professionalism and attention to detail have made Walnut Cove one of the most sought after venues anywhere.  

If you or your company would like to join theWicked Weed Brewing // Brad Johnson Celebrity Golf Classic or if you would like to be part of this year’s golf committee, please contact Bill Murdock at 828-242-2848 or at [email protected]


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