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Bojangles Joins Eblen Charities Saint Nicholas Project

A great many thanks to long-time partners, sponsors, and friends Jeff Rigsby, Lindsay Hanson, and all the wonderful folks at Bojangles for their kindness and the invitation to attend and speak at their company Christmas dinner last week and all the tremendous toys they collected for the Eblen Charities Saint Nicholas Project and the Ingles Toy Store. And so this is Christmas…

Barnes & Noble Biltmore Park Joins Eblen’s Saint Nicholas Project with Fourth Annual Book Drive

This Christmas Season marks our fourth year for our wonderful partnership with Barnes and Noble in Biltmore Park for their Annual Saint Nicholas Project Book Drive and have already collected more than 1,800 books for the Ingles Toy Store with still more than three weeks to collect. The books are given to every child as a bonus gift to the families as they begin shopping this week. Last year, more than 2,500 books were collected and given to delighted parents. … Continue reading

Ingles Toy Store Opens Tuesday December 11th

This Tuesday, December 11th, one of Asheville’s finest Christmas traditions returns, as Ingles Markets has again joined the Eblen Charities St. Nicholas Project in the Ingles Toy Store at the Westgate Shopping Center. For the sixth year, the Ingles Toy Store is the site of thousands of toys, games, dolls, clothes, and stocking stuffers that will serve families and their children in our community who may be less fortunate during these difficult times. In partnership with Eblen Charities St. Nicholas … Continue reading


Last Thursday, one of Asheville’s brightest Christmas traditions begin its seventh year as thousands of generous individuals, families, businesses, clubs, and organizations came to Ingles on Tunnel Road in spite of the rain to help ensure that children in our community will have a memorable and Merry Christmas this year. For more than fifty hours the Ingles Magical Christmas Toy Drive collected toys and cash donations with Josh Michael and Ariel Rymer of the “Josh and Ariel Morning Show” on … Continue reading

Eblen Charities Expands Heating Assistance with Low Income Energy Assistance Program

Now many who seek heating assistance through these cold winter months will be receiving additional help thanks to the partnership between Buncombe County Health and Human Services the Eblen Energy Project of the Eblen Charities. Beginning Monday, December 3rd, Eblen Charities will once again begin administering the Federal Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) for Buncombe County. LIEAP is a federally fundedprogram that provides for a one-time payment to help eligible households pay their heating bills. Households containing a member … Continue reading


For thousands of families and their children in our community the Christmas season doesn’t begin in the pre-dawn hours of “Black Friday” or the early sales on Thanksgiving evening. For them, Christmas begins with the kindness of countless families, companies, organizations and individuals who generously volunteer and donate toys and dollars to the Eblen Charities St. Nicholas Project. This year, Eblen Charities is again honored and privileged to be joining two events this week that have become as much of … Continue reading

Three Shots Fired in Dallas 55 Years Ago

He was the second youngest man to hold the office of the presidency and the youngest man ever elected to it. He was the first Catholic to win the oval office and the first president born in the 20thcentury. He won the Pulitzer Prize on his way to winning the White House with one of the closest electoral margins in history. He faced down a Soviet threat of unimaginable proportions that saved the world from its first nuclear war. He … Continue reading


Thanksgiving is a time for all of us to reflect on the blessings we have received this past year. During these difficult times, so many here in our community will be facing an empty table on Thanksgiving Day. But thanks to so many wonderful people, companies, and organizations, these families who have struggled so much through these troubled days will be able to enjoy a memorable Thanksgiving with their family and friends. Thirteen years ago Eblen Charities had the privilege … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving

Did you know ?: The first US Thanksgiving was held between 21 September and 11 November 1621 in Massachusetts by 50 Plymouth Pilgrims and their 90 Wampanoag neighbors. After that, Thanksgiving was held fairly randomly. Thanksgiving days were proclaimed annually by the US Congress from 1777 to 1783 which, except for 1782, were all celebrated in December. George Washington declared Thanksgiving in 1789 and 1795, and John Adams in 1798 and 1799. James Madison declared Thanksgiving twice in 1815. None … Continue reading

Ingles / Eblen Magical Christmas Toy Drive Next Week

For thousands of families and their children in our community the Christmas season doesn’t begin in the pre-dawn hours With Christmas just a month away, the phones at Eblen Charities continue to ring, and more and more families line up at our door each morning than we have seen anytime in the past. Last Tuesday alone we registered more than 100 families alone. This year, with requests for holiday assistance growing, we are honored to once again to be teaming … Continue reading