Christmas in July

This is where it all began

This Is Where It All Began!


Once Upon a Time, many years ago, deep in the forest of the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, a group of young, energetic, and creative girls started a new tradition for Santa that has continued for the last 90 years.

Christmas in July!


Did you know that the first known celebration of “Christmas in July” took place in July 1933 in the picturesque mountains of Western North Carolina? It all started at an all-girls summer camp called Keystone Camp in Brevard, NC.
Picture this: the summer heat, the girls at camp, and suddenly, a burst of holiday cheer with caroling, gift-giving, a decorated tree, and even a visit from Santa Claus! This festive event was covered by The Washington Post, marking it as the first recorded celebration of its kind. Fast forward to today, and Keystone Camp is continuing this cherished tradition for the 90th time!
Keystone Camp, founded in 1916, holds the title of the oldest private summer camp exclusively for girls in the Southeastern United States.



Christmas in July at Keystone Camp


The idea of a summer yuletide gained national attention with the 1940 film “Christmas in July.” Four years later, the U.S. Post Office promoted an early Christmas card mailing campaign for soldiers during World War II. During WWII, summertime was often a reason for organizations to gather gifts for the soldiers overseas early so every soldier would receive a gift by Christmas.
By the 1950s, “Christmas in July” had become a popular theme for advertisements and summer sales across the country—a tradition that continues to this day. Heard of Amazon “Prime Day”? There isn’t an official day for Christmas in July; it can be celebrated on any day, weekend, or even all month long. Retailers take advantage of the long marketing gap between the 4th of July and Labor Day, offering deals to entice consumers.
The Hallmark Channel joins in the fun too, dedicating a whole week in July to Christmas movies, adding a touch of holiday spirit to the summer heat.
Despite its commercialization, “Christmas in July” is a delightful time to imagine snowflakes dancing in the air and the magic of the Christmas season while we sweat through the hottest days of summer. Just thinking about Christmas can make us feel cooler!
So, this July, take a moment to cool down. Treat yourself to an ice cream cone or a root beer float, and dream of the snowflakes that will soon be here. Isn’t that a refreshing thought?

Merry “Christmas in July

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