Eblen Partnerships

If one thing is evident in the work of the Eblen-Kimmel Charities, it is that it cannot stand alone. The many partnerships and strategic alliances that we have been fortunate in helping to develop have served the community far beyond what the Eblen-Kimmel Charities could have done without working side by side with these wonderful companies, agencies, and organizations. Our partnerships include:

The Wilsonart Employee Emergency Assistance Program: In accordance with its commitment to their most valuable resource, their employees, Wilsonart International has extended its outreach to a level that few companies have attempted to reach. Developed by Fletcher, N.C., Plant Manager, Tim Gwennap, this unique partnership provides the employees of that plant additional emergency assistance beyond the traditional benefits offered by Wilson Art.

Funded entirely by the gifts of the employees and matching funds from the company, this partnership opens its doors to Wilson Art employees in need of assistance due to loss of work because of illness or other family emergencies. By lending a hand in this manner, assistance can be given more equitably, quickly, and without a loss of production time.

Saint Nicholas Project: The Saint Nicholas Project provides Christmas gifts, clothes, food, and other items to children and families in our community to help ensure that their Christmases are a bit brighter and provide hope for the coming year.  In partnership with Ingles Markets, WLOS-TV, iheart Radio, the Harley’s Owners Group, the Smokey Mountain Toy Run, Mission Health, Pepsi, the FIRC Group, Two Men and a Truck, and hundreds of other businesses and individuals.

The Arvin / Meritor Employee Assistance Program:  Much like its Wilson Art counterpart, the Arvin / Meritor Employee Assistance Program offers additional assistance to their employees that extend beyond customary employee benefits. This program assists Arvin / Meritor employees who find that they are in financial need due to emergencies that may arise through no fault of their own.

Supported entirely by contributions from the employees through their United Way giving, this partnership will bring specific relief to Arvin / Meritor’s most important asset, their employees.

The Printpack Associate Assistance Fund: This partnership is made possible by the benevolence of the Printpack associates desiring to assist one another in times of need. Funded entirely by Printpack’s employees, the Associate Assistance Fund reaches out to those employed by Printpack to address emergency needs that are not met by traditional employee benefits and provides a safety net when all other resources for assistance have been exhausted.

The Biltmore Company Employee Emergency Outreach: In effort to continue the ongoing commitment to supporting Biltmore family members in times of need, the Biltmore Estate has established a partnership with the Eblen-Kimmel Charities in their employee emergency outreach program.

Created by Dini Pickering, Ann Ashley, Vicki Banks, and others from the Biltmore Estate, this unique partnership is funded by the Biltmore Estate and is designed to assist their employees, retirees, and household members when a crisis occurs and needs go beyond the company’s benefits and the employee’s financial means.

The Baldor Employee Assistance Outreach Program: Developed by Mark Early of Baldor, Incorporated to provide a larger opportunity for assistance for their employees when the need arises, the Baldor Employee Assistance Outreach Program offers aid to all employees of the Weaverville Plant of Baldor.

Funded by the company and its employees, this partnership provides emergency assistance that reaches beyond traditional benefits originally established by the Baldor. It is an ongoing tribute to the asset that the Baldor values most, their associates.

The Kimmel and Associates Human Fund: Developed by Joe Kimmel to offer additional help to the employees of Kimmel and Associates, the Human Fund was established.

Funded by payroll deductions from the employees as well as the Kimmel and Associates, their employees can rest assured that there is extra help available in the face of emergency if ever needed.

Thanks to the vision and generosity of Joe Kimmel and Cynthia Kimmel and their family they continue to lead the way in our community and provide for their valued employees beyond

Woodfin / Eblen Water Project: Developed by the board of the Woodfin Sanitary Water and Sewer District, the Woodfin / Eblen Water Project assists Woodfin Water customers who are having difficulty paying their water bills due to circumstances beyond their control. The Woodfin Water district serves more than 10,000 people and covers the city of Woodfin, and sections of North Asheville, West Asheville, and Leicester communities.

This partnership provides an added opportunity for those in our community meet the challenges they may face living with the effects of illnesses and disabilities. The Woodfin Water Project serves as the first partnership that the Eblen-Kimmel Charitable Group has developed with a municipal department since the inception of the Eblen Partnerships initiative.