Eblen Publishing

Created to help with the great amount of information on programs, partnerships, and events, Eblen-Kimmel Publishing produces brochures, booklets, posters that bring the work of the Eblen-Kimmel Charitable Group to a wider audience as we continue to seek out those who may be in times of need.

With the kind partnership of Wilson, Coman, & Taylor, Applied Solutions, Burco International, and Groves Printing, the Eblen-Kimmel Charitable Group continues to get information out to the community that we serve.

Eblen-Kimmel Online: The cornerstone of our communication outreach, Eblen-Kimmel Online provides comprehensive information on the outreaches, programs, partnerships, and events of the Eblen-Kimmel Charitable Group. Visitors to our web-site can gain information on our programs, see upcoming fund raising events, read the current and back issues of our newsletter, obtain volunteer information, and contact us for assistance or to volunteer.

Our thanks to Applied Solutions for their expertise, innovation, and guidance in creating the website that brings services and resources to those in need and to those who wish to join us as we touch the lives of those in need.

Eblen-Kimmel Newsletter As part of our publishing outreach, Eblen-Kimmel Newsletter brings a weekly newsletter via email to thousands of readers each week throughout our community and reaching more than twenty states and thirteen foreign countries.

Each issue brings Eblen-Kimmel supporters up to date on programs and events as well as stories and comments from the families whose lives we are fortunate to touch each day. To subscribe to Eblen-Kimmel Newsletter please email us at [email protected]

Meeting the Challenge:  Much like Eblen-Kimmel Online, Meeting the Challenge provides our board of directors a weekly online newsletter to keep them conversant of upcoming dates, and events important to them. Meeting the Challenge also provides the board with information of upcoming programs and other pertinent news they need to help guide the Eblen-Kimmel Charitable Group forward.