Primary Care Project

Primary Care Project: In partnership with the WP Hickman Company, Three Streams Family Health Center, Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care, and Western Carolina Industries the Primary Care Project provides low cost and free primary health care to employees in our community without health insurance.

Delivered through Three Streams Family Health Center, the Primary Care Project consists of three programs – the Employee Health Connection, Housecall, and Urgent Care Services Each assists local health care needs in a unique fashion.

The Employee Health Connection offers low cost primary healthcare services at Three Streams Family Health Center to employees of participating companies. Patients, which may include full time and temporary employees and their dependents, will pay only minimal co-pay when visiting Three Streams. The cost of the program to the company is substantially lower than full medical care insurance costs, and has an annual ceiling cost per employee.

“Housecall,” the preventative care program, makes a licensed health care practitioner available to employees at the corporate site. Private, individual medical consultation is made available to employees and includes medical advice, triage and referrals.

Urgent Care Services, opens up all services of the Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care to member companies for a small co-pay. Companies than receive a 50% discount off of their already lower health care costs

Through this groundbreaking partnership, the Primary Care Project brings the best of the public and private sector in serving the community and those in need. In responding to a widespread and growing need for employee medical care at reasonable costs the Primary Care Project offers unique coverage at prices well below the current market prices.