The Dark Horse Project

The Dark Horse Project offers new opportunities for the Center for Social Enterprise to look at new ventures, ideas, and partnerships to enhance and better serve our community. These new projects will encompass a wide variety of projects and offer a platform for innovative ideas to improve the lives of those we touch.

The Dark Horse Project brings together original thoughts and endeavors that may not see the light of day due to the lack of a vehicle to provide the pieces needed to put their ideas into motion. The Eblen Center for Social Enterprise was founded on the principle of looking beyond traditional thoughts and methods in addressing issues and challenges in the community by bringing together partnerships from the public and private sectors to move forward together in providing services to those in need in our community.

Dark Horse exemplifies the heart of the Center for Social Enterprise and the “Power of Ideas” that it seeks to bring together. The dark Horse Project is open to anyone who would like to contact us with any ideas or thoughts on programs or partnerships that can improve the lives of those in western North Carolina.

The Dark Horse logo is a chess knight that is the most versatile piece on the board as it can move in eight different directions, over obstacles, and always attacks by surprise and epitomizes the spirit and energy of the Dark Horse Project.