The Darren Holmes Acceleration Sports Foundation

As part of the Center for Social Enterprise, the Darren Holmes Acceleration Sports Foundation epitomizes the heart and spirit of the ‘power of ideas,” and the outreach that comes from the work of the Center. Nothing represents that more than our partnership with the Acceleration Sports Foundation founded by New York Yankee World Series champion pitcher Darren Holmes.

In conjunction with the Acceleration Sports Institute, a multi-faceted organization committed to the improved performance and well-being of all ages by training local athletes and first responders. Since its inception, ASI’s focus has been to develop an individual’s and team’s performance level through strength training and speed development programs as well as clinical research and innovative product development.

Reaching out beyond the mound, the Darren Holmes Acceleration Sports Foundation offers local athletes, first responders, and others in the community the opportunity to train and improve their fitness for competition and health through the work of his innovative Acceleration Sports Institute.