Operation Prom Dress


Springtime is certainly a welcome sight in our mountains with warmer weather, budding flowers, and spring break and high school tradition that is anticipated since the beginning of each school year.

Along with the warm spring breezes also comes the proms and military balls that can easily be the highlight of a student’s academic year. But for many young women those memories will never happen for one very simple reason – the price of the dress they would wear to their formal is just out of reach.

Eblen Charities Operation Prom Dress provides dresses to every young lady in our community who may not be able to afford one at no cost and helps provide the memories that so many of their friends will be experiencing as well.

Since Operation Prom Dress began, hundreds of girls who may have not had the chance to go to the prom have chosen from hundreds upon hundreds of gently used and new dresses.

Thanks to the generosity of hundreds of people throughout our community, iHeartMedia, 99.9 Kiss Country, Star 104.3, and Asheville Cleaners, a great many of the girls who thought they may be sitting at home will now be joining their friends and classmates on prom night.

Sharon Fish, graduation specialist for Buncombe County Schools, said the dresses mean so much to the young women who will be wearing them on prom night “The prom dresses make a huge difference,” she said. “Some of these girls may be parents, who are working to support a child. The prom may otherwise be out of reach financially without this program. When we walk into the Bon Marche building, and they see the vast selection, you can see their faces light up. It becomes a reality that just for that one special night they can be Cinderella at the ball, and it doesn’t cost them anything,”

“Eblen Charities provided us with beautiful gowns for a memorable night.” adds Chief Alexis Gutierrez of Erwin High School

If you know of any young lady in need of a prom dress, or have one you would like to donate, please contact Susan Riddle at Eblen Charities at 828-255-3066 ext.21 or via email at [email protected]