Emergency Assistance

Developed to provide a vast array of assistance with non-medical needs.  Realizing that living with the effects of illnesses and disabilities reaches further than the need for medication;  the Emergency Assistance Program reaches out to provide help in other areas that families may need.

Emergency Outreach

Food: Developed to assist children, adults, and families with total healthcare, Eblen Nutrition strives to help provide food to those who are hungry and living with illnesses and disabilities in our community.  Through valued partnerships with Ingles Markets, Hearts with Hands, area credit unions, area schools, and Meals on Wheels, Eblen Nutrition supplies tons of food each year through our grocery, school snack, back pack and lunch programs to the families to the Eblen Charities serve.

The Hearts with Hands/ Eblen Grocery Partnership: Through this partnership, hundreds of thousands of pounds of food have been provided to local families who are dealing with hunger as well as illness by offering short to long term assistance through Hearts with Hands and Ingle’s Markets.  This innovative way to address hunger has brought together the premier hunger assistance organization along with the top grocery market chain in western North Carolina to help bring relief to hungry families in our community.

The Patrick Sizemore Children’s Outreach: Every year thousands of families in our community face the daunting and difficult task of having to deal with a child’s illness and the costs that accompany it.  As costs increase during these times, many families find they have to pay medical costs first and leave other necessities until later.  By having to do so, the financial strain only adds to the emotional and physical strain they are already facing.  All too often food, rent, utilities, and other needs go unmet because of the families meeting their children’s medical obligations.  Through the Patrick Sizemore Children’s Outreach Program, these children and their families can meet their medical needs and receive help for non-medical necessities.

The Patrick Sizemore Children’s Outreach was established in memory of Patrick Sizemore, an ambassador of the Eblen Charities, who lost his life to cancer at the age of 11.  With the gracious support of Patrick’s family and friends, he has left a legacy of love, compassion, and service to the children of western North Carolina.