In order to help stem the rising costs of medication, medical supplies and care, Eblen Medical helps provide medical assistance to children, adults, and families living in our community by providing medication, medical supplies, physician visits, and eye glasses.  Families living with the burdens and the effects that illnesses and disabilities so often bring have to face the many challenges and decisions that other families do not.  Inspired by these courageous families, Eblen Medical sets out to stand beside them as they take up this most important fight.

Dental: Founded as an additional outreach of Eblen Medical, Eblen Dental reaches out to children and adults in need of dental care.  Thanks to the visions of Dr. Keith Black, Dr. Mark Knollman, and Dr. Dennis Campbell and in partnership with the Buncombe County Dental Society, the Buncombe County Health Department, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, the Mission Hospital System, and the Buncombe County Dental Assistants and Hygienists, the Eblen Dental programs has served thousands of children and adults in our community.

Delta Dental Foundation Smiles for Kids Grant Check Presentation

The Children’s Dental Sealant Program: The Eblen Charities Dental Sealant Program is developed to provide free dental sealants to all second graders in need in the Buncombe County and Asheville City School Systems. The Children’s Dental Sealant Program has been honored with regional and national awards including the GlaxoSmithKline Child Health Recognition award and the national Linkages award.  Most recently Eblen Charities  was awarded a $4000 Smiles for Kids grant from Delta Dental Foundation, which will help buy new curing lights, used to set the sealant once it has been applied.