Medical Assistance

The Mission Hospital/Eblen Children’s Healthcare Initiative: Created to assist families who were having difficulty paying the enrollment fee for the North Carolina Health Choice Program, the Mission Hospital/Eblen Children’s Healthcare Initiative provides enrollment fees for children whose families cannot pay the $50 to obtain health insurance through the state’s Health Choice for Children.  Health Choice provides coverage for doctor visits, wellness checkups, eye exams and glasses, hearing exams and hearing aids, prescriptions, hospital coverage, dental care, and mental health to children whose families fall below a certain income level.  This insurance is free of charge to most, but a $50 per child fee ($100 maximum per household) per year is charged for families who fall between 150 to 200 percent of poverty level.

Dr. James T. Littlejohn Elder Outreach:  Provides assistance to our elderly citizens in need of medication, medical supplies and other emergency needs.  This program, named for beloved Asheville physician, Dr. James Littlejohn, who pioneered and devoted much of his life and practice to those in need of medical assistance regardless of their ability to pay.

The Traumatic Brain Injury Family Outreach:  Founded in partnership with Kent and Dottie Smith in response to an accident that injured one of their sons, the Traumatic Brain Injury family Outreach assists families dealing with the sudden impact that a brain injury can cause.  Thanks to this partnership, families can find assistance with travel, medication, and other manners of support as they seek to maintain their everyday life as they face the challenge that circumstances present.

The Michael Wellisch Children’s Cancer Services: Established in 1984 as the Michael Wellisch Foundation, this strong community based program became part of the Eblen Charities in 1994.  Set up as a living memorial to Michael Wellisch, an outstanding student leader, scholar, and athlete, who lost his battle with cancer at the age of 19.  Michael’s program provides assistance to children stricken with cancer and their families with medication, travel, and other emergency assistance.

The Dana Luther Jarrett Cystic Fibrosis Outreach: In effort to help stem the ever growing expenses families incur from the on going fight of living with Cystic Fibrosis, this partnership with the Mission Children’s Hospital reaches out to the children and adults in western North Carolina with Cystic Fibrosis.  Named in memory of Dana Luther Jarrett, a writer and tireless advocate for all children and adults living with Cystic Fibrosis, this program continues to carry on the fight that was such an important part of Dana’s life and the beginning of the work of the Eblen Charities.

Eblen Vision: In partnership with Lenscrafters, Champion Vision Centers, and Biltmore Vision, eyeglasses and eye exams are available to those families who are living with illnesses and disabilities at no cost to them.

The Healthcare Outreach Project: One of the most important aspects of healthcare many times goes unmet due to the fact that families cannot afford to see a doctor.  Small problems can easily grow into major problems without seeing a physician.  In effort to curtail this dilemma, the Healthcare Outreach Project provides funding assistance to these families in need of care they cannot afford.  This program, as with the Medication Assistance Service, provides our families with a luxury most of us enjoy but few organizations offer, the ability to choose their own physician and care.

The Travel Assistance Program: The initial idea of the Eblen Charities began with the thought of helping families travel to hospitals outside western North Carolina.  Even though we grew rapidly to encompass other needs, the travel assistance program has remained a cornerstone in its outreach.  Whether traveling near home or to another part of the country, the Travel Assistance Program helps provide help with gasoline, food, and lodging.  Thanks to the continued support of the Biltmore Oil Company/Citgo/Eblen Short Stop Stores, who help provide the gasoline, families have one less obstacle to overcome.

Wings of Care Flight Program: Created to better assist children and their families obtain the treatment they need, but cannot get locally, the Wings of Care Flight Program flies nationwide to bring children closer to medical care.  Beginning in the fall of 2000, Wings of Care works with commercial airlines, private corporate planes, donated frequent flier miles, and other donors to secure air travel.  By purchasing unused seats on commercial airlines and the generosity of corporate planes and donors, children dealing with illnesses along with these families can breathe a little easier.

Medication Assistance:  The Medication Assistance Service provides medication to adults living in western North Carolina.  Utilizing a network of area pharmacies and negotiating some of the lowest prices in the nation, families in need of help can continue to see their same physicians and visit their local pharmacies so their continuum of care is not disrupted.  By operating in this manner and not using a formulary (a specific list of available medication), all medication is available and ready to pick up at the family’s convenience.  Giving these families a choice on where they can receive care and obtain their medication helps maintain the dignity and respect they all deserve.

Equipment/Supplies: Developed to help provide wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs, and all other manner of durable medical equipment to families in need, this program strives to help families get around a bit easier.  By providing this equipment, families who may be bed bound or home bound can be given the liberty that these pieces of equipment can offer.  Given on a loan basis for as long as the family needs and then returned, gives long life for all of our equipment and the ability to help more and more families.